Like all stories, ours started with a seed grain. We offered it the necessary space and food, and processed it diligently and respectfully. In return, it offered us the formula of perfect flour.

Doruk Un, who set out to establish a huge world from a grain of wheat, took root and developed as an organization that shaped the sector. Our commitment to adding value to the work we do has enabled us to become leaders in our field in a short time and break new grounds. 

With our international quality certificates and assurance and modern management approach, we have been the preferred supplier of the United Nations World Food

Program for many years. Our factory, which is located approximately 8 km from the port in Tekirdağ, facilitates the supply of raw materials. Most importantly, it offers us a great logistics advantage in order to export to a wide geography.

Our modern production facility has become the leading institution followed by the flour, grain and grain sector, especially in recent years, with its strong, qualified human resources.


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We believe in the wisdom of the seed and the endless possibilities it contains. Therefore, we focus on continuing this painstaking journey that started with the seed, on the table, as well.
Our experience, which has been filtering over the years, has shown us what tradition and technology can do when combined. Thanks to the technological infrastructure we have established in our factories, we are able to produce very different flour alternatives with a wide wheat portfolio. In this way, brands that produce the most preferred bread and bakery products in our country and in the world prefer Doruk Un.
In this journey opened from Tekirdağ to the world, we turn our knowledge into more visionary, innovative, ambitious and strong goals day by day.

From Tekirdağ to 4 continents;
We deliver Doruk Un quality to
more than 40 countries.


We carefully process the qualified raw materials we obtain from our country and different geographies of the world in our factory, which is shaped by Industry 4.0 dynamics and equipped with the latest technology, and then deliver them all over the world.

We have an ever-expanding export network with nearly 1,000 customers and more than 100 suppliers in more than 40 countries, especially in South America, the Far East, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. This allows us to create a healthy and sustainable commercial climate.

Behind our success and trust in us, lies our ability to offer special solutions to our customers and to continuously improve our products, our understanding that constantly pursues innovation.

Thanks to all this, we were selected by the Turkish Exporters’ Association as the third fastest growing and the thirteenth largest exporter of our country in the grain- pulses-fatseed-agricultural products category.

In addition to Trakya Ceyport, where we are strategically located, we continue our operations from Asian Port and Istanbul Ports. We also have a strong integrated structure, from production to warehousing, from logistics to special product.

Flour varieties that can be used as raw materials for whole wheat flour, especially whole wheat flour; loaves, toasts and baguette breads, anchors, pita, biscuits, crackers, wafers, noodles and seafood feed constitute only part of our wide product portfolio.







Getting Anatolia's legacy
off to the world

Many qualified businesses, brands and chefs in the world see Doruk Un’s wide range of products and quality among the secrets of flavor. Multiple wheat flour storage silos allow our products to be extremely homogeneous and of good quality. For us, the limits are only in the mind, so there is no point we cannot reach on the planet we live on.


Thanks to our innovative and tailor-made product development strategy for the needs of our customers, we are very happy and proud that our qualified flour varieties obtained from the fertile wheat of our Anatolia have turned into bakery products and added health and taste to the tables in different geographies.

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Since our establishment, we have contributed to the Anatolian agricultural heritage by investing in technology, pioneering work and projects in seed breeding and development, and adding value to wheat, grains, and flour both locally and nationally.

Today, Doruk Un, along with its 150+ employees, 200+ business partners, and nearly 1,000 domestic and foreign customers, makes a significant contribution to the growth and development of the sector. We closely monitor developments in the food industry worldwide to improve our products and production processes, and work closely with prominent academics and scientists in the field.

We consider producing with the least carbon footprint and using raw materials most efficiently as our starting point.




National and International 


Wheat Storage

Following in the footsteps of gastronomy trends

Our R&D department tracks gastronomic trends to diversify our product range. We create nutritious and foreign substance-free products with the highest protein content by following the latest findings in healthy eating.
In summary, Doruk Un products emerge when we combine common sense, knowledge, experience, and the wisdom of this geography with the dynamics of the era of smart machines.



Our principles in quality management that cover the control of agricultural production processes, including soil maintenance, harvest, logistics, storage, milling techniques, packaging, and delivery to the user, are standardization and optimization.
It is essential for our products to meet our high standards and have the same quality and superior taste in each package.
Similarly, being able to adapt to changing tastes and habits has been the most crucial key that brought us to this point, enabling us to continuously raise the bar for the quality of our products.
Every step of the journey from field to factory and from factory to table is measurable, reportable, and accountable. Logistics, transportation, and storage are as vital to us as the production stage because food safety requires a holistic approach.


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