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As Doruk Un , we are of one of the largest producers and exporters of wheat flour from Turkey. The combined wheat crushing capacity from our state of the art wheat flour factories is 1.200mt/day (??) and our exports reach more than 41 countries world over.

Being originally bakers, we know the importance of the flour quality to determine the success of the resultant dough products. We guide our end users to adopt right quality flour to secure the success in the final product (bread/ bakery or pastry product) and offer tailor made solutions for each customer with the strong expertise of our technical team.
Our markets range from Africa to Middle East and from Far East Asia to the South Americas. For our export markets , we are producing a wide range range of wheat flour qualities to meet our market and client expectations.The qualities we produce include wheat flour for loaf and toast breads, baguette bread, ciabatta, Arabic bread, pita, biscuit, cracker, wafer, noodle and aqua feed.
As exporting different qualities of wheat flour to various end users located in different regions, we are importing corresponding quality of milling wheat from various origins , i.e Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Germany, France,Canada, Australia etc to satisfy customer needs.
In terms of logistics , we are strategically located in Thrace region of Turkey and we are operating from extremely close both bulk loading and discharging port (Ceyport) as well as containerized port (Asyaport)and İstanbul ports


One of the largest producers and exporters of wheat flour from Turkey

Daily wheat crushing capacity of 1200 MT/day

Exports reach over 41 countries world over

Tailor made solutions for each customer

Infrastructural advantages – 46,000 M.T. of external wheat storage silo capacity 

Additional capacity storages of multiple internal wheat storage and wheat tempering silos

Multiple wheat flour storage silos allow for an extremely homogenous and quality conforming final product of wheat flour


Our Contacts


Şerifali Mahallesi Yükseliş Sok. No:9 Daire 3 Ümraniye/İstanbul


+90 216 314 10 32  Faks +90 216 314 10 57